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[New] Nouvelle version d'Asymptote

Posté : sam. 17 avr. 2010, 17:26
par GM
Version 1.92 du 12/04/10 :

A propos des nouveautés de la version 1.92 (du 12/04/10), JCBowman a écrit :
  • Labels work correctly with oblique projections.
  • Transformed Label alignment and pt scalings were fixed.
  • Latticeshading is now properly clipped.
  • The normal and true Circle calculations were fixed.
  • The interface to the simpson integrator and an array index in contour.asy were fixed.
  • In the flowchart module, the implicit cast from a pair to a virtual node was removed in favour of a block constructor.
  • The ode integrationg routines now return a structure that includes the sampled time values; dynamic timestepping was implemented for solveBVP.
  • New predefined tick modifiers were added.
  • The CLZ and CTZ bit functions were implemented.
  • PRC part names were fixed.
  • The GL library is now explicitly linked.
  • Memory usage was improved by configuring the garbage collector with --enable-large-config.
  • Null 3D paths are ignored.
  • Non-pdf output is supported for PDF tex engines.
  • Portability changes for CYGWIN 1.7 were made.

Re: [New] Nouvelle version d'Asymptote

Posté : sam. 17 avr. 2010, 17:28
par GM
Version 1.93 du 17/04/10 :

A propos des nouveautés de la version 1.93 (du 17/04/10), JCBowman a écrit :
  • Portability issues were addressed.
  • Latticeshading bounds and behaviour under svgemulation were fixed.
  • The initial SVG pen was fixed.
  • A parallelogram block was added to the flowchart module.
  • Temporary files are cleaned up even after TeX errors.
  • The GUI export function was fixed; an SVG export option was added.
  • The XeLaTex bounding box was fixed.
  • Spaces in output directory names are now allowed for supporting drivers.
  • One can cd to other directories, preserving the output directory.
  • All output files are written to the directory part of settings.outname; if this is empty, the current directory is used.

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Posté : mer. 5 mai 2010, 12:20
par GM
Version 1.94 du 05/05/10 :

A propos des nouveautés de la version 1.94 (du 05/05/10), JCBowman a écrit :
  • Work arounds for MSWindows registry problems and obsolete runtime libraries were implemented.
  • The SimpleHead arrowhead was fixed.
  • Additional matrix routines and casts were implemented.
  • The pair dir(path, path) routine now returns a unit vector.
  • Variable conflicts coming from the contour module were addressed.
  • A RadialShadeDraw filltype was implemented.
  • A guide bug was fixed.
  • Redundant mismatched version warnings are avoided.
  • Support for fitting one 3D picture within another was added.
  • The documentation was updated.

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Posté : dim. 6 juin 2010, 08:30
par GM
Version 1.95 du 06/06/10 :

A propos des nouveautés de la version 1.95 (du 06/06/10), JCBowman a écrit :
  • The PRC driver has been overhauled to support model tree groups, lossy compression, efficient representations of elementary geometrical objects, and specialized rendering options.
  • More efficient OpenGL thick tubes were implemented; the capping of 3D curves was improved.
  • The SIGQUIT signal was replaced by SIGTERM.
  • Under MSWindows, the 384MB Cygwin memory limit is now automatically disabled by the Asymptote installer.
  • Inferred variable types were added and operator symbols are now pretranslated.

Pour comprendre les "tree groups", voir l'exemple qui suit : on peut, dans AcrobatReader, ne pas afficher certains groupes d'objets.

2010-06-06_092423.png (48.65 Kio) Vu 38155 fois

Code : Tout sélectionner

import graph3;




triple f(pair t) {
  real u=t.x;
  real v=t.y;
  real r=2-cos(u);
  real x=3*cos(u)*(1+sin(u))+r*cos(v)*(u < pi ? cos(u) : -1);
  real y=8*sin(u)+(u < pi ? r*sin(u)*cos(v) : 0);
  real z=r*sin(v);
  return (x,y,z);

surface s=surface(f,(0,0),(2pi,2pi),8,8,Spline);

string lo="$\displaystyle u\in[0,\pi]: \cases{x=3\cos u(1+\sin u)+(2-\cos u)\cos u\cos v,\cr
y=8\sin u+(2-\cos u)\sin u\cos v,\cr
z=(2-\cos u)\sin v.\cr}$";

string hi="$\displaystyle u\in[\pi,2\pi]:\\\cases{x=3\cos u(1+\sin u)-(2-\cos u)\cos v,\cr
y=8\sin u,\cr
z=(2-\cos u)\sin v.\cr}$";

real h=0.0125;



add(new void(frame f, transform3 t, picture pic, projection P) {

Cette possibilité existe aussi pour la 2D.

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Posté : dim. 6 juin 2010, 19:00
par GM
Il doit y avoir un problème avec la version 1.95 de ce matin... car dans la même journée, on vient d'avoir une seconde nouvelle version : la 1.96 est en ligne.

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Posté : sam. 12 juin 2010, 12:07
par GM
Version 1.97 du 12/06/10 :

A propos des nouveautés de la version 1.97 (du 12/06/10), JCBowman a écrit :
  • A new render.labelfill option (enabled by default) fills subdivision cracks in unlighted labels.
  • The dependence on gcc-4.3 was removed.
  • Offscreen detection and zoom bugs in the OpenGL renderer were fixed.
  • Three-dimensional grouping was improved.
  • The symbol table was replaced with a custom hash table.
  • Portability updates were made.
  • The Cygwin memory limit fix for MSWindows now works even on systems that lack a complete Cygwin installation.
  • The examples were updated to exploit the new PRC rendering options.
By default, loss compression is now used to greatly reduce the size of the resulting 3D PDF files. The 3D draw commands now accept a render option that gives you more control over PRC rendering. They are documented at the top of three.asy.

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Posté : sam. 12 juin 2010, 12:38
par GM
Les nouveautés évoquées (dans three.asy) pour gérer la compression :

Code : Tout sélectionner

// Useful lossy compression values.
restricted real Zero=0;
restricted real Low=0.0001;
restricted real Medium=0.001;
restricted real High=0.01;

restricted int PRCsphere=0;   // Renders slowly but produces smaller PRC files.
restricted int NURBSsphere=1; // Renders fast but produces larger PRC files.

struct render
  // PRC parameters:
  real compression;     // lossy compression parameter (0=no compression)
  real granularity;     // PRC rendering granularity

  bool closed;          // use one-sided rendering?
  bool tessellate;      // use tessellated mesh to store straight patches?
  bool3 merge;          // merge nodes before rendering, for lower quality
                        // but faster PRC rendering?
                        // (default=merge only transparent patches)
  int sphere;           // PRC sphere type (PRCsphere or NURBSsphere).

  // General parameters:
  real margin;          // shrink amount for rendered openGL viewport, in bp.
  real tubegranularity; // granularity for rendering tubes
  bool labelfill;       // fill subdivision cracks in unlighted labels

  static render defaultrender;
  void operator init(real compression=defaultrender.compression,
                     real granularity=defaultrender.granularity,
                     bool closed=defaultrender.closed,
                     bool tessellate=defaultrender.tessellate,
                     bool3 merge=defaultrender.merge,
                     int sphere=defaultrender.sphere,
                     real margin=defaultrender.margin,
                     real tubegranularity=defaultrender.tubegranularity,
                     bool labelfill=defaultrender.labelfill)

render operator init() {return render();}

render defaultrender=render.defaultrender=new render;

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Posté : lun. 14 juin 2010, 15:26
par GM
Version 1.98 du 14/06/10 :

A propos des nouveautés de la version 1.98 (du 14/06/10), JCBowman a écrit :
  • Memory usage and garbage collection were greatly improved, and many optimizations were made.
  • Labels are now aligned using the rotational instead of the shiftless part of the transform.
  • A portable CYGWIN memory limit fix was implemented. Noncyclic stokepaths are discarded to work around a bug in gs 8.71.

Re: [New] Nouvelle version d'Asymptote

Posté : sam. 19 juin 2010, 16:20
par GM
Version 1.99 du 18/06/10 :

A propos des nouveautés de la version 1.99 (du 18/06/10), JCBowman a écrit :
  • A segmentation fault was fixed.
  • Perspective animations were fixed.
  • A bug in the bezulate topological sorting algorithm was fixed.
  • A settings.framedelay parameter was added for working around OpenGL animation rendering buffer overruns.
  • Further optimizations were made.
  • A portability issue was addressed.

Re: [New] Nouvelle version d'Asymptote

Posté : sam. 26 juin 2010, 08:03
par GM
Version 2.00 du 26/06/10 :

A propos des nouveautés de la version 2.00 (du 26/06/10), JCBowman a écrit :
  • The construction of 3D TeX labels was sped up greatly.
  • Plain TeX page numbers were suppressed.
  • Dotted 3D lines and 3D sizing problems were fixed.
  • A general search function for sorted structures was implemented; the lexorder functions in math.asy now return strict partial orders.
  • Additional GSL functions were added.
  • The correct PRC units (PostScript pt units, properly called bp) are now displayed in Adobe Reader.